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Britannia Mall Botanicals, 2021

It is no joke that the Adrian Doyle and his Blender Creatives team are becoming experts in painting Australian botanicals. The vibrant colours of the florals are what we love most, and the ability to focus on showcase technique. These two structures in Britannia Mall were painted to bring colour and energy to what was previously a dull and grey carpark.

Two structures were painted on all sides for this project

Structure One: 3m x 1m x H4m

Structure Two: 10m x 5m x H4m

It wasn't the easiest job with the toilet block still being in use. But it was a lot of fun chatting with locals and over the course of 10 days, Adrian used aerosol spray, roller and brush, and lots of technical skill to activate and brighten up the area.

Adrian Doyle was assisted by the talented Nicky Supansa


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