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Is Melbourne at Risk of Losing it's Cultural Credibility?

By Adrian Doyle

Published: March 25th 2021

The people disappeared, the shops shut, and the galleries closed. It has been a struggle at Blender Studios.

Blender was shut to the public for nearly a year which means that for a year we haven’t been able to have openings at the Darkhorse Experiment (the gallery at Blender Studios).

The street tours shut down and the tour guides found new jobs. The artists at Blender Studios have only been able to access their space for half a year. This break in the continuity of the creative space has been really hard for Blender Studios and its artists. Although we have reopened it has been staggered and the atmosphere is nervous. And Blender is only one of the many galleries, studios and art spaces that have had the energy, money and creativity ripped out by COVID.

Many galleries have been forced to shut down and with the lifting of the rent moratorium many more are likely to go. So, if you are wondering what to do in the next few weeks, go support your local galleries, buy some art, go on an art tour, have a coffee at an independent café or go see some comedy.

But get out there and buy local and support the arts. It is a critical time for the future of Melbourne’s culture and the more galleries and theatres struggling and closing down the harder it will be for Melbourne to regain its reputation as a cultural capital.

Melbourne has so much creativity. Get out there and celebrate it


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