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Mali Heart street art festival Director 2022

I was recently privileged to be the curator and director of the Mali Heart street art festival. This was a great opportunity to make a small town into an art hub. We were commissioned to create nine artworks in Birchip and Wachem. The basic idea was to set up and curate a festival that once finished and the festival is over then the town becomes a highlight on the Victorian Silo Trail.

Created during the Mali Heart Arts Festival in Birchip in 2022, the Mali Hearts Art Trail is found in several locations around Birchip. The trail features stunning murals by renowned street artists who are passionate about making a meaningful and lasting contribution to the town, including a beautiful collaboration involving the Birchip P-12 school.

Working with the Buloke Shire Council and the local community, the inaugural festival in March 2022 brought the town together and attracted visitors from near and far to enjoy live art painting, augmented reality artworks, creative workshops, music and great food. 

The vibrant street art has brought life and colour to the town – and put Birchip on the map as a must-see destination along the Silo Art Trail.

The festival artists were:


-Hayden Dewar




-Matt Hannah (Ma-Ha)

-Adrian Doyle

-A Virtual reality project with Blender Crew

-A colour by numbers assisted with the kids from the local school - Kasper and Blender crew

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