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Stains of Time (Hyphen Gallery Wodonga). Nov 2023 - Mar 2024.

The Stains of Time - Adrian Doyle


The artwork is created of a weird psychological and surreal imagery, depicting hidden moments in a familiar world.


The familiarity of the suburbia is something that Doyle placates through his choice of imagery. The absence of life in much of the artwork evokes vast emptiness and creates a window into a familiar dystopian world. Using heighten flat colours and subtle compositional decisions Doyle has constructed a mise en scene, that gives the iconography a new and secondary life outside the suburban reality.


The choices Doyle has made in what he has chosen to create is where I feel the narrative lies, the empty scenes often filled with familiar shapes,

becomes a very personal portrait, insight or a psychological landscape of the artists psyche and creates a modern and innovative way to critique contemporary life with a direct look and a celebration of the banal.

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