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The empty Nursery Blue Lecture Theatre - Big Blue Room - RMIT August 23


This week saw the completion of a major artwork “The Blue Room’ by artists and provocateur Adrian Doyle. Hidden in one of Melbourne’s most prestigious institutions Doyle has painted a 220-seat lecture theatre in his famous signature blue, ‘Empty-Nursery Blue’. In 2012 Doyle hit international fame when he painted Rutledge Lane in its entirety turning it into a giant empty swimming pool. Symbolically, Doyle has once again created an empty swimming pool, taking nearly 10 days to complete the installation, using 180 litters of paint. The artwork was only available to those invited.

The installation was very immersive, manipulating and changing the audience’s experience, creating a distorted reality that visually played with audience, creating the feeling of being in an empty swimming pool. The artwork lasted for just a short time as the ephemeral nature of these projects seem to be something that Doyle likes to celebrate. The artwork was a moving and interesting experience, one that I am glad that I was able to see, as now the artwork only exists through documentation. Doyle said this artwork will be part of a bigger piece for is solo exhibition which will be held at Hyphen gallery and museum in November.



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