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When I Grow Up 2001

The new Australian Landscape.

The house is a universal icon and in its simplest form it is one of the most recognised images on earth. It has many variations though culture and climate. Yet, the overall association with the home is generally the same worldwide.

For many the home is the height of success. The Holy Grail.

For others it is unattainable. Or a prison of balanced books and responsibility. The house is where people live out their lives. It is the mitochondria of everyday existence. I love houses and homes. I am fascinated by the designs, history and all that goes on inside.

Houses come together to create vast suburbs. Row after row of dreams, happiness and sorrow, scar the earth to become the new, modern landscape.

The way we engage with the landscape has change over generations. We are an urbanised community, with an unfamiliar relationship with the rural landscape.

The romantic notion of the Australian landscape still exists. It has however been hijacked by sentimentality and Nostalgia. The true modern Australian Landscape is made up of identical clad suburban streets and small suburbs with small, but important suburban stories. It is in this mediocrity that Australia finds its greatness, and a large part of its identity.



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