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'Mr. Moneybags' Movember, 2020

MR. MONOPOLY gets a moustache makeover for Movember, with exclusive artworks by celebrated Australian street artists being auctioned to raise funds for men’s mental health and suicide prevention programs.


True to his signature style, fine artist and street artist Adrian Doyle paints MR. MONOPOLY in Australian suburbia with an 1820s prospector moustache.

Hand spray-painted, the focus of this piece for Doyle was in building the landscape first and achieving a high-end finish before completing the artwork with MR. MONOPOLY.

“I grew up with Monopoly, as we all did, it’s part of suburbia - it’s art of suburban Australia but it’s an international icon,” said Doyle.

Referring to MR. MONOPOLY as ‘Old Money Bags’, Doyle explains, “I’ve put him in the context of having a hammer with a house which asks lots of questions, and answers none. So, you can take from this image what you will.”

Having lost his Mum to cancer, Adrian is familiar with great loss and he’s attuned to the importance of awareness. “Getting a prostate check sounds like a pain in the butt – but there are worse alternatives that’s for sure... Movember makes people think about it and makes people aware that putting off these things have real consequences.”


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