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The Pool Room, 2021

From ​the 'Suburban Isolation' exhibition at Dark Horse Experiment:

Suburban Isolation is the culmination of Adrian Doyle’s research into the intersection between street art and fine art. From working on large-scale water-towers in the desert, to creating one of the largest models of ‘artist as consultant’ through a 2 year residency at The District shopping centre in Docklands, this research has taken Doyle on a journey through mediums and ideas enabling thorough exploration of this juncture. During this extended research period, Doyle has created a number of important projects which have all led to this exhibition, Suburban Isolation.

This is a large-scale, interactive, and site-specific installation that reflects on and continues many of the ideas of ‘Empty-Nursery Blue Laneway’, an artwork Doyle created in 2013 in Rutledge Lane, Melbourne.

This artwork aims to offer an immersive experience that feels like you are inside a swimming pool. As the work is kinetic and it will be reflected in the mirrors, it may evoke a feeling of vertigo for the viewer.


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