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'The Road Belongs To All Of Us' Collaborative Mural, 2021

Thanks to TAC and City of Melbourne, Blender Creatives had the opportunity to create a mural spanning 100m at Central Pier Docklands.

Curated by Adrian Doyle working with 7 artists to explore the use of bike lanes across different suburban area of Melbourne.

The project intention was to engage with the community and encourage safe cycling, whilst celebrating the launch of 40km of newly installed kerbside protected bike lanes across the City. These new bike lanes will connect into Melbourne’s existing bike lane network and provide safe, efficient and a sustainable transport alternative. With this brief, the mural design encompassed suburban imagery with maps of the city and bike lanes, portraits of community members, vibrant cycling motifs, and ofcourse, magpies.All of these were surrounding the bold statement 'The Road Belongs to All of Us'.

TAC Mural, Adrian Doyle Section view, 2021

TAC Mural, full view, 2021

TAC Mural, Process photograph, 2021


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