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Never Forget to Remember | 2015

Its been three years since controversial artist, Adrian Doyle’s last exhibition.

This is a long time for an artist that has had over 20 solo shows. But the Melbourne based urban artist has been busy doing almost everything. In the last three years Doyle has created his own reality show, created large scale public murals, he offended much of the urban art world by painting Rutledge lane Baby blue, and had one of his public art works changed afterDoyle painted a portrait of his dad on the cross. More recently he created an art project for Disney’s Tomorrow Land.

The award-winning artist will be pushing his well-known critique on the Australian Suburban lifestyle. In his new show. ”Never forget to remember” In this show, Doyle’s personal suburban experience has been explored through installation, painting and sculpture.

In one of his artworks, Doyle has controversially built a gold bullion house out of dollar coins. ‘The coins have become more valuable in their new context, the coins have changed, they have become an icon of the Australian dream.’ Claims Doyle.

His playful and iconic paintings have underling dark and honest portrayal of Doyle’s suburban experience. Doyle states, “Most Australian’s are guilty of suburbia, too understand suburbia is to understand Australia.”

Doyle’s craftsmanship and concepts will be sure to create talk. He is one of Australia’s hardest hitting artists.

Love or hate this controversial artist, his show is sure to be one of the most important shows of the year.


‘Never Forget to Remember’ 180cm x 135cm Mixed Media painting on canvas 2015

‘Self Portrait as Suburban Robot’ 150cm x 120cm Mixed media painting on canvas 2015


165cm x 125cm

Mixed Media

painting on canvas 2015

‘Suburban Playground’

160cm x 120cm

Mixed media

painting on canvas 2015

‘Holiday House’

140cm x 100cm

Mixed Media

painting on canvas 2015

‘Suburban Myth’

165cm x 120cm

Mixed media painting on

canvas 2015

‘Suburban Window in (Empty Nursery Blue)’ 145cm x 120cm Mixed Media painting on canvas 2015


‘Coin House’ One Dollar Coins on Marble 2015

‘No Beau’ Mixed Media, Projection, Wood, Sound 2015

‘Suburban Infinity in Soft Pink’ Acrylic, Wood, Projection 2015

The setup:


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