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The Model Studios, 2021

The Model Studios is a complete scaled model of the Blender Studios at Dudley St, including murals inside and out, plus 'easter-egg' features everywhere you look! 'Whilst doing this research project I began to consider links between the street art movement and fine art, and how artwork can exist across both contexts. At some point, I realised that The Blender Studio is in itself a living and evolving artwork that I have been creating, curating and building since its beginnings. Therefore, I am presenting the Blender Studios as an artwork.

To encapsulate this idea, I have represented Blender Studios as an artwork in the form of a highly detailed model. The idea of Blender as an artwork places it in a realm of situational aesthetics and kindly references the ‘Walled Off Hotel’ by Banksy. Banksy’s artwork is an excellent example of art that sits at the intersection of fine art, street art and relational aesthetics.' -Adrian Doyle, 2021


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